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Delicious, large soups and pancakes and growing number of main courses:)

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WHO are we and WHY do we do what we do?

We love soup. We cook soup. We eat soup:)

First and foremost the one called ‘Húsleves’, spelled something like this: h ʊ ʃ l æ v æ ʃ .

Hetedhét húsleves 
Húsleves with chopped meat, vegetables and noodles

Húsleves comes with a rich-flavor broth, lots of meat and vegetables cooked within the broth, and some special pasta. This is a soup that one finds on a typical Hungarian family’s table on Sundays.

‘Csordultig Húsleves’ with whole cooked meat, rustic vegetables and special noodles – Altogether 1200 ml + 200 gr noodles

We love it, and we know that so many people love it, too. And, we love it in the old-fashioned way, as our mothers, grandmothers and great-grand mothers cooked it: no flavor enhancers, no msg, no Vegeta, just loads of good quality vegetables, meat and herbs, cooked for long hours, slowly. Húsleves is so good, we can eat this 5 days a week:)

Then, there are the partners  (Húsleves és Társai ≈ Broth and Partners) which are other, rich, tasty soups, for example:

Bean soup rich with smoked meat and ‘csipetke’ noodles:

Chicken ’ragu’
with peas, vegetables and cream:

in its best form – it’s really worth trying:

The ‘Palóc’ soup was invented by the famous Hungarian restaurateur Károly Gundel around the end of the 19th century? We make it with green beans, potato, picnic ham, sour cream, dill and with ‘füstölt szalonna’

We update our menu weekly, and we always have one soup that is vegan, for example:

Pea soup rich with vegetables:


Cabbage pasta:

Potato pasta:

Chicken stew with locally made noodles:

And, another partner, the PANCAKE – we also LOVE pancake!

It comes with apricot jam or hazelnut spread, extra apricot jam, cottage cheese, cocoa powder, cinnamon, appricot jam & cottage cheese. Perfect choice after a tasty Húsleves or after any of our rich soups:)

In addition we offer sweets called kókuszgolyó (coconut balls):

So, how large are our soups?

Small: 500 ml – Medium: 700 ml – Large: 1000 ml
XL Húsleves: 1200 ml + 200 grams pasta:)

 Delicious? Definitely. You find our menu on our facebook page:


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If you want to visit us and try our flavors, come to 43 Zichy Jenő street 1066 Budapest, where you can buy locally at our shop through a take-away window, safely.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Staurday 11:00-16:00
Address: 43 Zichy Jenő street, 1066 Budapest

+36 30 289 2050




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